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Posted on November 25th, 2007 by Luke Sheldrick.
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25 11 2007

Over the weekend I decided to reinstall Windows back on to my Laptop (Dell D420). I had put a ‘version’ of Mac OS X on it, but it was far too unstable to work with, and lot’s of the fun gizmo didn’t work with it i.e. the inbuilt HSDPA modem and the like.

Anyways over the weekend, put everything back on it, and all was cool… until tonight.

Was at work, and had a job to check out a customer’s server in one of the data suites. I had put the D420 on one of the crash cards (a workstation on wheels, that you can move around the data centre), and as I was working on the server, heard a BANG! oh dear, the laptop was on the floor. ops!

Well it now only turns on for 3 seconds, then turns it’s self off. I’m not sure if it’s the mobo, hard drive, or something more sinister inside having died.

Very much doubt work will offer to get it fixed / replaced, as it’s my own kit, however have been using it lots for work. Hoping the Dell warranty will cover a sudden ‘degregation’ of hardware 😛

p.s. not actually going to post this until it’s been sorted hehe but was originally written at 04:34 6/11/07

04:47 25/11/07: Forgot to update the blog, Dell came out, replaced the mobo and HD, stating that this was a known manufacturing fault. Pure brilliance. The only annoyance, is they didn’t re-attached the wi-fi slider switch. Luckily it was left on ON, so not the end of the world.


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