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Posted on December 9th, 2007 by Luke Sheldrick.
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9 12 2007

I often wanted to have the ability to have email addresses such as myname+somethingrandom@mydomain and it go to myname@mydomain however as far as I know, exchange is unable to support such a nice feature.

However as I earlier blogged, I now have 2 exim front ends, so I asked a quick question on a mailing list, and they gave me a few links. Seems with just two lines of code, I can get this all to work. Just by adding

local_part_suffix = +* : -*

To my routers config, it does what exactly what I wanted.

If you was wondering why I wanted this, whenever I now give my email address out, I can give it out in the style of myname+sideaddress@domain and it will always come to my mailbox. However if I then start to see lots of spam to any paticular +variable, I can tell what nasty site sold my email addy. 🙂


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