Pidgin + Facebook = Genius

Posted on June 4th, 2008 by Luke Sheldrick.
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4 06 2008

Does facebook chat really annoy you? Well it does me, however is quite conveinant, as I rarely add people to my IM accounts, i.e. MSN, however facebook has the majority on it.

There is now an addon for the popular cross platform IM program Pidgin, which lets you sign on using your facebook account, and adds in your contacts from facebook. The advantage of this is, you can chat like you would say for msn contact, i.e. notifications.

As pidgin uses the libpurple plugin this should also work for other clients such as Adium for Mac OS X.

The simple addon is available at Google Code:

So far I am finding it super useful, no longer do I need to add people to my other accounts 😛 The only bug I have found is that if I have it open, and then go on facebook, it hides all my facebook contacts. I have however logged a bug which should hopefully address this.


Still up

Posted on June 3rd, 2008 by Luke Sheldrick.
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3 06 2008

Still up, and it’s got light too, woops, although not unusual for me to stay up all night. I wonder what catastrophic side effects this will have in later life? maybe I’ll just become a bum.

I just did a quick look on google, to see what “Luke Sheldrick” actually brings up, and it is scary. I never realised how much of a web presence I actually have. Looking through a lot of it is actually me as well. Very scary. A lot of stuff is from old forums, and to read back on it, is making me cringe. Good job some sites aren’t searchable by the google bot 😉

Also sitting here, in two minds. I stayed at mum’s last week, and went for a walk around the lock.

I grew up around the SE8/SE13 area of London, and some parts of it I still really adore. I always wanted to live over looking this paticular lock, and the Thames. I could move back there, and afford it too now, but it’s just such an outlay for a view, and to be closer to work.

I also really hate being in London these days, living out of London is so different… what to do aye? maybe I’ll just get a poster of my view.


Blog Fixed

Posted on June 3rd, 2008 by Luke Sheldrick.
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3 06 2008

Fixed the problem with Internet Expolorer, by making a bit of a cut and shut version of the CSS provided with this theme.

The theme originally came with the ability for the user to select which background they wanted. Whilst I liked the look of the theme, I didn’t like this addition, so I stripped most of it out of the scripts. The backend scripts are still there should I want to use it later.

With me messing around with the scripts, I assume this is what broke IE being able to render properly. A few tweaks and we’re rolling again.

Whilst I was at it I tweaked the side bar a bit too 🙂

and finally I remembered for a while I quite liked the look the cool date stamp that is present in the ‘Fleshy’ theme, so stripped that bit out too. Think it works quite well, but need to start off blog entries with text, as looks a bit odd if I put a picture in first.

Thats enough, I _should_ go to bed, but sooo not tired 🙁


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