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Posted on August 29th, 2008 by Luke Sheldrick.
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29 08 2008

As the title says, been a while, since I’ve posted on here.

Down to a number of factors I guess, been really quite busy with the new job, and learning bucket loads of stuff… don’t have the time in teh day to learn all that I want to. Also largely that I just lost interest in the whole blog thing.

Had my 6 month review the other day at work, it’s shocking how quick time seems to fly. Very happy with how I am progressing there and all. But I do wonder where I will I be this time in 6 months I wonder?

One thing recently that has really started to cheese me off, is how certain peeps, can’t be trusted anymore. I don’t mean that quite as bad as it sounds, but seems people just respect keeping to plans, and just fucks me off, especially when I have made arrangements around a certain event or day, and they don’t even give you the respect of telling you in advanced they can’t make it…etc in my opinion, it’s just rude, I never do it, and if I do it’s certainly not on purpose… Sometimes feel like saying to peeps, that I can’t be assed with them anymore, but a lot of the time, they’re great friends, but just fucking useless at keeping plans. Anyways enough of that, I am just a bit sour about it…

As I said above, I’ve been learning a load of stuff recently, and a bit of a shame I haven’t kept my posts up to date, not really for any public audience, but I find it quite useful to keep a log of what I have been playing with… nevermind, I’ll try going forward, but meh!


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