Four Figures, and a lot of drink

Posted on September 6th, 2008 by Luke Sheldrick.
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6 09 2008

This week saw the demise, of my not-drinking-until-november mission. I stayed at my brother Paul’s house, and we went to play poker at The Loose Cannon poker club. Was quite a cool game, and didn’t do too bad, but as usual came I lost when I got on to higher tables, as the tournament went on.

Casino at the Empire

Paul and I decided the night was young, and after a few drinks decided to have a few drinks at The Empire casino. This is where the night went bad / good. I always take a set amount with me when I go to a casino, say ¬£100. An amount, that I can have a good evening, a few drinks, and not too bothered about if I don’t have it when I leave. It’s still cheaper than going clubbing.

Well this night, I was on a winning streak, and it seemed the more I drank, the more I won. The logic doesn’t work, but the sums did. I must have had a few too many double Black Russians, as I don’t really remember much of the night / morning.

Getting back to my brothers at 6am, having to leave at 6.30am, was not cool. A taxi across London, 12 hours of shaking and mumbling later, I managed to get through the day. I stayed at my brothers again, and happily he filled in the missing gaps of my memory from the night before. ops.

I was going to be really good, and put the money to good use…. meh eBay got me, and have bought a few 22′ Samsung LCD’s, which match my TV. Then decided I needed a refresh on my home dev machines, so bought some Dual Xeon servers, as my current dev setup could do with beefing up.

Never mind, all good. This coming week, I will not be turning another year older. I think I am going to hide away and ignore the fact, there are no birthdays to look forward to now, so it’s all just pointless.


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