Vlan trunking on VMWare Server (1.x 2.x)… Continued

Posted on November 20th, 2008 by Luke Sheldrick.
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20 11 2008

Thought I’d write a quick update, as I had received a comment to my previous post regarding vlan trunking on VMWare Server.

The comment “Hi, Luke
How it does works in VMWare Server 2.0. on the Web Admin interface it doesn’t appear on network list, only physical NICs :-(

Well to be honest off hand I couldn’t remember, I always downgrade / use 1.x, as I can’t stand the web interface. However re-installed it back in the lab. At first glance, you can’t add interfaces to the host via the web gui, which blows.

Anyways, running “Managed Virtual Networks”, gives you back the original interface:

Then adding in the interfaces, including the BAS #* (For broadcom individual interfaces / vlans).

Then a quick network refresh in the gui, and all the NIC’s, including the virtual vlan nics, show in the gui 🙂

Now back to 1.0.7 😛


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