Christmas 2008

Posted on December 30th, 2008 by Luke Sheldrick.
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30 12 2008

Christmas 2008, is all but over now, just NYE to go, which reminds me I still haven’t planned anything. This year I joined the extended family in Norfolk. My brother (Paul), Sister-in-law (to be / Sally) and Sally’s folks (Carole and Roy) stayed in a wood lodge in the woods, which was pretty nice. Well once we’d worked out the heating. The rest all stayed else where, but usually visited in the evenings. The lodge below reminded me of something from a horror film.

The view however was pretty nice to wake up to;

The drive up there and back wasn’t too bad, I did have my iPhone tracking it, just for the hell of it, but haven’t found a way to show the route on here yet. This was where we were staying however;

Interestingly the tracker had a spazm when I first set it up, but still registers I go everywhere at 14658 mph… if only.

Christmas day we had lunch at the local restaurant, which was nice… still can’t ever beat a home cooked roast though, and I really missed the Turkey sandwiches for days after 🙁
The place was near to Cromer, where a lot of the extended family live. Didn’t actually get to see much of the scenery, but am sure will go back soon enough.

Had to come home on Saturday, as first day back in the office on Sunday, which was rather difficult. Having almost 6 weeks off, then coming back to work…ekk! The worst was yesterday, having to get up at 5am again… yuck. Still only one more day shift in the week (Friday) then back on night shifts… which are usually quiet.

Finally got my flickr account slightly more up to date. I was trying to do it whilst I was away, but my 3G card had no signal, along with my iPhone (actually nobody had any signal), there was no wifi around. With the exception of the local pub where it was £6 an hour, and ran at silly speeds, still didn’t stop my brother and I paying for our occasional fix.

Trying to contact the outside world

The eee 701 being my laptop I take everywhere, the HP my brothers. Essential Diet Cokes 😀

Also found a cool plugin from tantannoodles which integrates my flickr account with my blog. Had to hack most of the css, so it sort of looks like the rest of the blog.

Some of the Christmas photo’s can be seen below, or the album here.

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Specs on the A127

Posted on December 21st, 2008 by Luke Sheldrick.
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21 12 2008

I was horrified when driving home the other night, to see that spec‘s cameras had been put up on the A127. The A127 being one of the core roads to and from Southend, in Essex.

For anyone that doesn’t know, spec’s cameras, are average speed cameras, so they take a photo of your number plate when you join the road zone, throughout the zone, and a final camera when you leave or the zone, then they work out your average speed. A few pics below (taken from the link at the bottom).

new-specs-speed-camera-4 new-specs-speed-camera-3

This are, a double edged sword really, as they are very effective at stopping speeding, which is the idea, but then you can’t cheat by just slowing down at the cameras.

The problem with them putting these up, are people are idiots. The A127, is a dual carriage way, with traffic devided by a central reservation, with National Speed limits. So the speed limit is 70mph. However the idiots, see these camera’s and hit the breaks down to about 40mph or sometimes 50mph. This is by far more dangerious than going 75mph or something terrible like that.

If these idiots, had bothered to check [1] The highway code, they’d know it’s 70mph [2] The road signs, i.e. there aren’t any saying the camera’s are live [3] Google to see if they are live [4] a lot more sites, including the council’s.

Further reading & pictures:

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Where am I?

Posted on December 14th, 2008 by Luke Sheldrick.
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14 12 2008

Have been playing with my iPhone this evening, looking at what’s new, and I must say am really quiet impressed with some of the software coming out. VLC Remote, is especially well welcomed, simple but effective.

I was thinking of getting a GPS plotter / tracker, as carrying a PDA + Bluetooth Receiver, is slightly annoying. Cue, iPhone, which does more for me everyday.

There is a cool app called InstaMapper which will plot / track where you are, and even though I have a first gen iPhone, does very well considering, it doesn’t have GPS. Then using their API’s can add it to facebook / here should I wish. Example below…

Also found (via jailbroken / cydia) an app called Backgrounder, so you can run processes, in standby, which the nice folk at Apple don’t like. Very impressed.


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