Windows Update – Hang on Reboot?

Posted on January 14th, 2009 by Luke Sheldrick.
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14 01 2009

Do your server(s) hang when they reboot after windows updates are applied? A lot of mine seem to, and usually it’s becuase one process gets stuck when it receives the kill signal… usually the windows update process.. If the server is in a remote location, can be a complete arse. There is a quick and dirty way to get around this.

Rather than rebooting as normal, or pressing the reboot now button on windows update, open up a command prompt (Windows > Start > Run > type cmd) and type the following:

shutdown -r -f -t 1

As shown below;

cmd reboot

The syntax is as follows;
shutdown == runs the shutdown process / app
-r == reboot
-f == force apps to close (so the process that gets stuck, gets forced to close)
-t 1 == time to delay before rebooting, in seconds. I choose 1, as I don’t want to wait around, pick whatever suits you.

Happy patching.

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Using MSN via Pidgin / Adium / Finch?

Posted on January 12th, 2009 by Luke Sheldrick.
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12 01 2009

You may have noticed that you cannot connect today. This appears to be because Microsoft are blocking the protocol that libpurple uses. This has been blogged on the Adium Blog, however no fix other than using another client is spoken about.

I personally use Finch, which is a curses version of the widely used Pidgin. There is another method of getting both of these to connect to the MSN network, by using MSN-Pecan. This will fix the problem for now, and get you back online. They provide a deb, or exe for Debian or Windows users, but there doesn’t seem to be an RPM for Redhat / Fedora users, and at the time of checking wasn’t in the repositories. There is however source code available.

For Windows users; install using the exe.

For Debian / Ubuntu users; either install using the deb, or ‘apt-get install msn-pecan’

For Fedora / Redhat users; you’re going to need to install from source. If you’re not sure how try the below;

tar xvf msn-pecan-0.0.17.tar.bz2
cd msn-pecan-0.0.17/
sudo make install

Once you’ve completed the install steps, you need to change your account details in Pidgin or Finch. You need to edit your MSN account from using the MSN protocol to use WLM (WLM has now been added, because you installed MSN-Pecan). See screenshots below.

Changed to use WLM;

Should keep ya’ll chatting until Microsoft stop being wankers, or libpurple is updated.


New year & a new toy

Posted on January 9th, 2009 by Luke Sheldrick.
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9 01 2009

Tuesday, 6th Jan, saw me breaking my third new years resolution, to watch what I spend my money on. For a while I’ve been thinking about getting into the world of DSLR’s, so after much thinking about it, I ventured to the sales, and got myself a Nikon D60.

I’d read lots of reviews, and actually thought about buying it, rather than on a whim, which is usually the route I would take. Managed to get a reasonably good deal, and so far been having quiet a lot of fun reading up on the world photography. I went for the D60, as it has many of the features seen on the more expensive DSLR, but aimed at the entry level photographer, me.

I’ve taken a few pics, and will eventually upload to flickr, just take even longer now, as they’re much high res, and my home upload speed is terrible at best. Also need to master some photo editing wares, not sure what one I prefer yet.

I was however interested to see, how my new shiny camera would compare to my compact. Whilst I was out strolling around the other day, I took the same picture of the coast, with the two cameras.

Nikon D60:
Nikon D60

Olympus FE330:
Olympus FE330

The thumbnails can be quite deciving, but the bigger photo’s on flickr reveal all. Both pictures were taken at the same point, faceing roughly the same point, and using the fully auto function on both.

I also had my iPhone and TyTN on me, so thought I’d take a photo with those too.

Apple iPhone:
iPhone (First Gen)

HTC Hermes (TyTN / Vario II)

Surprisingly here, the iPhone, with it’s lower Mega Pixel lens, actually took a better photo. The colours on the TyTN were terrible. Out of all four, the D60 showed the closest match, the other three, make the day look quite dark, where it was actually quite a light day.

I need to see if I can get my iPhone to properly GPS log, have been using instamapper, but can’t seem to get HoulahGeo to geotag the photos using the files, but once that’s all working, will be able to geotag the photos too, which will be rather useful 🙂 Then a few more lens, filters… oh dear this could all be expensive, very expensive.

No doubt I’ll snap some more in the coming future. Below are a few of snaps from the “Playing with my D60” album, from when I’d just got the camera out the box:


Happy New Year

Posted on January 1st, 2009 by Luke Sheldrick.
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1 01 2009

Wishing you a very Happy New year, hopefully you’ll have a great 2009 🙂

I was actually planning to do nothing this NYE, as every other had just been an expensive, messy night, that everyone regrets the next day. However my plans were changed at the last minutes, when I was invited to a gig in London. My arm was twisted when I found out Micachu were on the line up, a very small band*. Below the boys; Sandy, Steve (Birthday Boy too), Tom, Soo.


Was a great night had by all. Except Steve who had a bit of a nasty taxi bill, as he and Sandy missed their last train. The venue was called the Macbeth, in Hoxton near Shorditch, London. Was quite funny when they blew an Amp, and the band on at the time, went instrumental. I don’t think many people even noticed to be honest. I am a bit bumbed though, as I have just tried to upload my photos to flickr, and only a couple survived… looks like the memory card has corrupted, which blows as I had taken about 200 photos, mostly of the bands and scenery… GRRR!!! So I’ve got a load of photos, all of 2 or 3 lines 🙁


I’ve been trying to work out why my new years resolutions should be. A few things have been on my mind recently so what better time to implement them, huh;

  • Get back into the gym. Now this must be one of the most over used resolution, but needs to be mine.
  • Get back on track with my studying, I’ve slowed down a bit over the last couple of months.
  • Sort my spending out. Years are ticking by and I need to get on the property ladder myself, so no more spending £££ on gadgets, IT equipment, and many nights out. All in moderation still, but these can’t be the priority for 2009.

So all rather boring on that front, but at least that’s out the way. Just gotta’ stick to them now… hmm

Below a few pics from last night, or click here for the few surviving photos. There was a professional photographer there, his pics can be seen here

*not sure if you’d call it a Band. Micachu is the singer / writer, and she has a backup ‘The Shapes’


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