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Posted on February 3rd, 2011 by Luke Sheldrick.
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3 02 2011

I use DHCP at home, as most do, for convenience. Last week I changed the router at home to one compatible with DD-WRT as I was setting IPv6 up at home (something I should blog about later). When I set it up, until I migrated the old DHCP config over, everything on the LAN that had static DHCP allocations went a bit crazy. Once that was resolved everything went back to normal… or so I thought.

However I’d noticed that MythTV wasn’t recording anything. When looking through it had listed all of it’s encoders as remote and “currently not connected”, interesting I thought. It looked like somewhere along the line that box had got instead of So it didn’t think it was, well it’s self. Changing the DHCP assignments quickly resolved this.

A week later I noticed whilst programs had been recording, they were all sitting queued in Job Queue. Restarting the backend process nor did restarting the box. So I had a quick look on it’s DB and noticed the recordings were showing as remote, not local as they should be. Delving a bit further I noticed that it was listing the recordings as being recorded on “” instead of “sidekick”. I’d set the domain on the router, and it was happily distributing via DHCP.

So to resolve my issue, I changed the hostname manually, back to sidekick.

To do this on ubuntu is pretty simple, edit
with the desired hostname and then
/etc/init.d/ restart
However I was now stuck, with all the recordings showing as being recorded on the ‘remote’ host. The only way to fix this would be to edit the database manually. This is where it the less adventurous may want to stop.

So log on to your MySQL instance, it’ll prompt for MySQL’s root password.
sidekick:~# mysql -p -u root
Use mythtv’s database named mythconverg in my setup.
use mythconverg;
Then print the structure and contents of the jobqueue table.
select * from jobqueue;
This is what I was presented with.
mysql> select * from jobqueue;
| id | chanid | starttime | inserttime | type | cmds | flags | status | statustime | hostname | args | comment | schedruntime |
| 284 | 1001 | 2011-02-03 17:11:00 | 2011-02-03 17:15:01 | 256 | 0 | 0 | 272 | 2011-02-03 17:15:53 | sidekick | | Successfully Completed. | 2011-02-03 17:15:01 |
| 283 | 1004 | 2011-02-02 22:00:00 | 2011-02-02 23:05:00 | 256 | 0 | 0 | 1 | 2011-02-03 17:25:24 | | | | 2011-02-02 23:05:00 |
| 282 | 1001 | 2011-02-02 21:00:00 | 2011-02-02 22:00:01 | 256 | 0 | 0 | 1 | 2011-02-03 17:25:24 | | | | 2011-02-02 22:00:01 |
| 279 | 1007 | 2011-02-01 21:00:00 | 2011-02-01 22:00:01 | 256 | 0 | 0 | 1 | 2011-02-03 17:25:24 | | | | 2011-02-01 22:00:01 |

So I can see the that the job ran fine that came in after I changed the hostname. So what I decided to try is to update the hostname, and also the scheduledtime too as it was in the past.
mysql> update jobqueue set
-> status=1,hostname="sidekick",comment="",schedruntime="2011-02-03 17:30:01" where status=1;

So this will update the hostname and schedruntime for anything with status 1 (which means queued). I ran that and restarted mythtv-backend, and all the queue was then worked though.

Job done. Hopefully this may help someone else in a sticky position.



Posted on February 1st, 2011 by Luke Sheldrick.
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1 02 2011

Usually, I’d shrug off being ill, with the occasional rant about the seasonal flu. However January really has taken the biscuit.

The week before Christmas, I had an awful cold (I won’t compensate and call it flu). Luckily I was then fine for a few days over the Christmas break. To then come down with the worst case of flu I think I’ve ever had the week after. Literally a week in bed, was very grim. I suspect that was swine flu.

Have then been fine for a week or so, to then come down with another cold, again with a weasey chest. The cold has now pretty much gone, but I still sound like a burst hoover every time I breath in and out.

So I checked in at the local doctors this morning, to be greeted with a really caring, genuinely nice doctor. I told her what the history, and she had a listen to my chest, and concurred something was not right.

She prescribed me 500mg Amoxicillin, as she believes I’ve had a secondary infection in my chest. This may be causing a bit of a loop. Chest gets better (but weakens immune system) > Influenza takes hold due to weaken immune system > Chest… etc


I’ve never really been a fan of anti-biotics, you read about the super bacteria, that are cropping up all over the place. Some believe these are ‘evolving’ due to the over use of anti-biotics. I’m also not a huge fan of popping a pill at every opportunity. However, not taken any anti-biotics for the first 25 years of my life, I’m sure one dose wont bring on the resident evil stylie zombies… or will it?


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