About Luke

Luke Sheldrick – early thirties, London based espresso (especially the martini variety) contract internet plumber.

I am availableĀ on a contract basis and work via a boutique cloud consultancy an0 Technology.

You can get hold of me via the following:

Social Media:


Other stuff of interest:

I use PGP to sign any important/confidential mail. If you want to sign each others keys, drop me a mail, and we’ll sort something out, I usually run keysigning events at a number of UK conferences. My PGP key can be found on a number of different public key servers:

My public SSH key can also be found here, or viewed below:

ssh-rsa AAAAB3NzaC1yc2EAAAABJQAAAIBzzAoa+IeYyp3Lkk090iQpCbLwKnDoNvw9N2OgHbBfG2uTKUvcMmdRdYvdS3A8eWRUGBpBcmONN3pr+JZw/bzgIVreThoFcCNZMejzExmhzG3rECZNqUPrMPSDTXMNq0FM4BLSquiP+CC27PlHFhwEutqsjGw2eztY2ZQw0erobQ== rsa-key-20080211.

Have a nice day!