Four Figures, and a lot of drink

Posted on September 6th, 2008 by Luke Sheldrick.
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6 09 2008

This week saw the demise, of my not-drinking-until-november mission. I stayed at my brother Paul’s house, and we went to play poker at The Loose Cannon poker club. Was quite a cool game, and didn’t do too bad, but as usual came I lost when I got on to higher tables, as the tournament went on.

Casino at the Empire

Paul and I decided the night was young, and after a few drinks decided to have a few drinks at The Empire casino. This is where the night went bad / good. I always take a set amount with me when I go to a casino, say £100. An amount, that I can have a good evening, a few drinks, and not too bothered about if I don’t have it when I leave. It’s still cheaper than going clubbing.

Well this night, I was on a winning streak, and it seemed the more I drank, the more I won. The logic doesn’t work, but the sums did. I must have had a few too many double Black Russians, as I don’t really remember much of the night / morning.

Getting back to my brothers at 6am, having to leave at 6.30am, was not cool. A taxi across London, 12 hours of shaking and mumbling later, I managed to get through the day. I stayed at my brothers again, and happily he filled in the missing gaps of my memory from the night before. ops.

I was going to be really good, and put the money to good use…. meh eBay got me, and have bought a few 22′ Samsung LCD’s, which match my TV. Then decided I needed a refresh on my home dev machines, so bought some Dual Xeon servers, as my current dev setup could do with beefing up.

Never mind, all good. This coming week, I will not be turning another year older. I think I am going to hide away and ignore the fact, there are no birthdays to look forward to now, so it’s all just pointless.


Well somethings don’t change

Posted on August 30th, 2008 by Luke Sheldrick.
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30 08 2008

Still can never get to sleep, which really sucks, as am knackered right now, but minute I get into bed, bang! fully awake again…. so giving up, and stuck the TV and Laptop on again….

Also, let down once again today… saying no more, but once again feel let down… nevermind, one must look on the bright side of things..


Been a while

Posted on August 29th, 2008 by Luke Sheldrick.
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29 08 2008

As the title says, been a while, since I’ve posted on here.

Down to a number of factors I guess, been really quite busy with the new job, and learning bucket loads of stuff… don’t have the time in teh day to learn all that I want to. Also largely that I just lost interest in the whole blog thing.

Had my 6 month review the other day at work, it’s shocking how quick time seems to fly. Very happy with how I am progressing there and all. But I do wonder where I will I be this time in 6 months I wonder?

One thing recently that has really started to cheese me off, is how certain peeps, can’t be trusted anymore. I don’t mean that quite as bad as it sounds, but seems people just respect keeping to plans, and just fucks me off, especially when I have made arrangements around a certain event or day, and they don’t even give you the respect of telling you in advanced they can’t make it…etc in my opinion, it’s just rude, I never do it, and if I do it’s certainly not on purpose… Sometimes feel like saying to peeps, that I can’t be assed with them anymore, but a lot of the time, they’re great friends, but just fucking useless at keeping plans. Anyways enough of that, I am just a bit sour about it…

As I said above, I’ve been learning a load of stuff recently, and a bit of a shame I haven’t kept my posts up to date, not really for any public audience, but I find it quite useful to keep a log of what I have been playing with… nevermind, I’ll try going forward, but meh!


Still up

Posted on June 3rd, 2008 by Luke Sheldrick.
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3 06 2008

Still up, and it’s got light too, woops, although not unusual for me to stay up all night. I wonder what catastrophic side effects this will have in later life? maybe I’ll just become a bum.

I just did a quick look on google, to see what “Luke Sheldrick” actually brings up, and it is scary. I never realised how much of a web presence I actually have. Looking through a lot of it is actually me as well. Very scary. A lot of stuff is from old forums, and to read back on it, is making me cringe. Good job some sites aren’t searchable by the google bot 😉

Also sitting here, in two minds. I stayed at mum’s last week, and went for a walk around the lock.

I grew up around the SE8/SE13 area of London, and some parts of it I still really adore. I always wanted to live over looking this paticular lock, and the Thames. I could move back there, and afford it too now, but it’s just such an outlay for a view, and to be closer to work.

I also really hate being in London these days, living out of London is so different… what to do aye? maybe I’ll just get a poster of my view.


Present from eBay

Posted on December 6th, 2007 by Luke Sheldrick.
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6 12 2007

Came home for the first time since Friday tonight, to find a stack of letters. One quite interesting, it was from eBay, not someone on eBay, but them themselves.

The Box:


The inside, I thought was a Christmas card..


..but nope, it’s a chain of eBay fairy lights, usb powered.


I’ve asked a few fellow eBayers, and no-one else seems to have got one, maybe I was just lucky?


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