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6 11 2007

London-based company Deliverance will deliver Japanese, Indian, Thai, Chinese, European and Italian to your door in 45 minutes – fast and hot!” is the opening tag line for deliverance. Brilliant I thought..

How I was so easily fooled. Well last week I was starving at work, and had heard some good things about this place.

Had a quick look at the menu, and easily racked up an evening meal totaling £22, not a cheap meal, but at this point I really was beyond caring. Make my order, and was told it would be at my office within 45 minutes. 50 minutes later, I get a call from the ‘biker’ saying he is lost and cannot find the office block. Anyone who know’s Boo, East India Dock or the surrounding areas, would know where Global Switch, Telehouse, or the Travel Lodge are. Obviously not the delivery guy.

20 minutes later again, the guy turned up. Much to my utter disappointment, the food, was stone cold, and pretty much inedible. So I thought I’d send over a mail to Deliverance about how good their service was. I got a mail back a day later saying this wasn’t the usual service, and in way of compensation if I ordered with them again, they’d give me two portion of Chocolate Truffles. I worked it out and the truffles comes to £10. What a rip off!

So I replied back stating this, and can’t even eat Truffles anyways. They offered to refund £19.50 which was the ‘hot’ element of my previous order. Anyways Friday just gone I thought I’d use up my free credit, so got an order together for £19 as couldn’t get it exact. The guy on the order line said I had to use up all my credit, so I just told him to add a ketchup or something. Unknown to me they had made a cock up and refunded me £40 to my Deliverance account, so when he told me, I filled the rest of the Budvar hmmm, 6 bottles of good beer… tasted even better as I knew it was free.

The second delivery, was equally as slow, and cold. However the prospect of the free suds made it slightly more bearable 🙂

Summary: Go to the normal chinese, rather than some jumped up delivery(undelivery) service.


Reading and the fun attached.

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2 11 2007

So I was at work this Thursday, a firewall had died in our centre in Reading. So I had to drive a replacement up there, a mean feat when you was looking forward to a quite night at work.

Well got there pretty painlessly, the TomTom took me to the wrong place as usual. Changed the firewall and started to head home.

On the M4, and the petrol light comes on, so thought I’d best get some petrol. The TomTom has a function to take you to POI (point of interest) so I told it to take me to the nearest Petrol Garage. Off the M4 it took me, and down some country lane, and bit further, then said we had arrived. Well there was no guarage to be seen, so I asked someone walking down the road if there was a guarage near… she said that it was about 5 miles away 🙁 at this point the car died :(.

Oh no I thought, so parked the car up, however whilst pushing it had a mind of it’s own, and catapulted back, smooching the drivers door too far open, and giving it a delightful dent. Great night huh.

The nice lady after a bit of um’ing and r’ing offered me a lift to the station, but said I would have to drive her car as she had drunk a couple of Gin and Tonic’s before heading out. After working out that it was a diesel with turbo lag, and that the breaks were super sensitive compared to mine, got to the Tesco and filled up.

Got back to my car, and said our goodbyes. I totally forgot my manors, and didn’t offer my details or anything for her trouble. Feeling slightly guilty now though.

So if the nice lady is reading, get in contact! 😛

Just to say, even after the sh*t events, my faith in nice people is restored 😛

Car Ouch


Leopard :)

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30 10 2007

So after buying my copy of leapard, tonight I got around to upgrading from 10.4 to 10.5 on the laptop.

After a blue screen hitch, that was fixed by a quick google, and consult with Mr Hardy, all was sorted.

Must say I am pretty impressed with the new OS by Mac. I’ve just sat and watch Pirates of the Caribbean, and still have 2:14 left on the battery, considerably more than I was getting before. w00t.

Will have to wait and see how much I get on with it, at the moment, the only bug bear is that I can’t use InsomniaX that kept my MacBook from going to sleep when I shut the lid. Hopefully they’ll sort that out soon enough.


Where to start?

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14 10 2007

Well, thought I’d start up a blog of my very own… but am now compelled as to what to put on it?

So thought I’d dedicate to my wee Nan, who turned 94 this October… Bless her. Not so good with the walking these days, but still manages to get about (with a little help).

My Mum (Carol), Brother (Paul), Brothers Girlfriend (Sally), Aunt (Jean), and Aunt’s fella (Ian), and I, took Nan out for a meal Saturday before last. Bit of a change from the food in the residential home we thought… and still Nan has the ability to crack me up. We got all the way through the meal, without a hitch, then it’s time for desert. Nan was adamount she wanted Apple with Ice-cream. Which the restaurant didn’t do, but the lovely waitress said she could wipp up a fruit cocktail, with muchous apple, and some ice-cream.

Half way though eating our deserts we noticed Nan was spitting the apples back out at her plate (she can barely see so wasn’t sure what she was eating with each scoop). When we asked what she was up to, she told us how she didn’t want any applies.. haha had to laugh.

Just hope I get that old, so can wind up the grandkids 😛

Nan and Aunt below:

Nan and Aunty


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