Posted on March 2nd, 2008 by Luke Sheldrick.
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2 03 2008

So I gave in and got an iPhone this week.. so far am pretty impressed so far. Love the fact that I have my music and films on me all the time, saves being bored on the train 😀

Didn’t opt to go for the likes of o2, and it was far too easy to unlock it, using the ziPhone  one click activates, unlocks and activates, it was too easy.

Then I started to play about with it, enabling SSH and the like. Then made the mistake of changing the password. Well apparently using firmware 1.1.3/4 this is a big no no. This means that when you reboot the phone, it constant reboots its gui, i.e. springboard. To fix this it’s quite simple, restore master.passwd and passwd both in /etc however this assumes you made a backup. I didn’t and couldn’t find a copy on the net. Tried decompile the ipsw files, but gave up as couldn’t get the dmg’s to mount on the windows box I was using at the time.

Anyways restored to 1.1.4 this time, and ran ziphone.

I now have a backup of master.passwd and passwd if anyone needs a copy give me a shout.


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