Posted on November 6th, 2007 by Luke Sheldrick.
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6 11 2007

London-based company Deliverance will deliver Japanese, Indian, Thai, Chinese, European and Italian to your door in 45 minutes – fast and hot!” is the opening tag line for deliverance. Brilliant I thought..

How I was so easily fooled. Well last week I was starving at work, and had heard some good things about this place.

Had a quick look at the menu, and easily racked up an evening meal totaling £22, not a cheap meal, but at this point I really was beyond caring. Make my order, and was told it would be at my office within 45 minutes. 50 minutes later, I get a call from the ‘biker’ saying he is lost and cannot find the office block. Anyone who know’s Boo, East India Dock or the surrounding areas, would know where Global Switch, Telehouse, or the Travel Lodge are. Obviously not the delivery guy.

20 minutes later again, the guy turned up. Much to my utter disappointment, the food, was stone cold, and pretty much inedible. So I thought I’d send over a mail to Deliverance about how good their service was. I got a mail back a day later saying this wasn’t the usual service, and in way of compensation if I ordered with them again, they’d give me two portion of Chocolate Truffles. I worked it out and the truffles comes to £10. What a rip off!

So I replied back stating this, and can’t even eat Truffles anyways. They offered to refund £19.50 which was the ‘hot’ element of my previous order. Anyways Friday just gone I thought I’d use up my free credit, so got an order together for £19 as couldn’t get it exact. The guy on the order line said I had to use up all my credit, so I just told him to add a ketchup or something. Unknown to me they had made a cock up and refunded me £40 to my Deliverance account, so when he told me, I filled the rest of the Budvar hmmm, 6 bottles of good beer… tasted even better as I knew it was free.

The second delivery, was equally as slow, and cold. However the prospect of the free suds made it slightly more bearable 🙂

Summary: Go to the normal chinese, rather than some jumped up delivery(undelivery) service.


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