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Posted on March 29th, 2011 by Luke Sheldrick.
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29 03 2011

I do sometimes question the value of review sites. Yesterday I bought a little 125cc Scooter to run around town on, and wanted to get the insurance setup, so when I picked it up, I could drive straight away.

I was looking at a few comparison sites, and one particular insurer came out cheaper than the others. Tried a few more comparison sites, all gave similar results. I went with one particular insurer, called them up, went through the paticulars, gave over my payment details. Job done. The chap seemed like a bit of a lad, but polite enough, said the paper work would take a couple of days to email through, as this time of the year is the busiest time for them. No problem.

I then thought I’d have a look about the company, just out of mild boredom. Found a review site, which was full of bad reviews on their setup process, mostly regarding docs that had been sent through wrong..etc couldn’t really comment further as hadn’t received my docs.

When checking my mail this morning, docs were in my inbox, all appear correct. So my experience didn’t seem to match everyone else’s. However would I go and give a good review? would anyone? I’d say not.

People usually only give feedback, when it’s negative. This is a somewhat over generalisation, however for the most part, true.

So what is the value of feedback sites? With the freedom of the Internet, everyone has a voice. Be it on a on a feedback/review site, forum, blog, twitter or the like. If people have a bee in their bonnet regarding a certain company, they’ll go and write paragraphs on how angry they feel, and how terrible the company is. Would they do the same for a positive? I’m not sure.

However, bring in new social media services, I’m thinking foursquare here. The idea is you ‘check in’ at place, and can leave reviews for others looking at that venue. I often give good reviews here, something short and sweet. The reason? because it’s so quick. Takes maybe an extra 2/3 seconds per check-in. I don’t need to write a lengthy review, with 10 options for different ratings, from decor to service.

As you can see my tips range from very positive updates, to beware of this place.

I use services like foursquare, over most review sites. Why? as I said above, mostly, people only (in my opinion) only write lengthy reviews, or go to proper review sites, if they’re pissed off.

Or am I completely wrong here? What do you trust?


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