Posted on February 6th, 2008 by Luke Sheldrick.
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6 02 2008

One of my house mates, has been constantly uploading torrent type stuff for the last couple of days, and it’s getting to be a bit of a bore, as it is killing the network.

Mainly because the incoming tcp packets, require an ACK, which Unfortunately are getting muchous delayed due to the upload stream being saturated. Unfortunately both my cable modem, and hardware firewall are pretty crap at handling this.

Also my hardware firewall, has a 12meg throughput, which is rubbish when I am on a 20meg line.

Anyways someone on uknot suggested m0n0wall, a software / os firewall. Tried setting it up on a VM machine, and it didn’t really play nice there, so set it up on an old box (which happens to be party the said housemates, I just had to replace most of it), and after fiddling with my switch to get it to delete its vlan and arp settings, all started to play nicely.

I must say I am very impressed so far, it can cap the max uploads, set to about 85/90% to allow for ack’ing, so downloads dont grind to a holt. The interface is pretty sweet too. Would definitely recommend it, well saying that not sure how stable it is just yet.

Also throughput, much better, now easily max’s the line out (well almost)






Just got to wait for all the DNS records to update over ze internet, and then mail and web pages should be back up. Well if you’re reading this, then yours already have 😛



Posted on January 30th, 2008 by Luke Sheldrick.
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30 01 2008

Oh yes, I forgot to mention, my stupid firewall at home died again, leaving my primary MX, Site (including blog), and numerous applications offline.

It keeps losing it’s default gateway. It usually reboots it’s self, but occasionally doesn’t. The remote hands (i.e. housemate) doesn’t wake up til 15:00ish, so had to leave it off.

Should all be solved as soon as I get my colo sorted 😀

As for the firewall, never get a Netgear FVS124G. It’s completely rubbish. This fault, and more annoyingly it’s bottleneck. It only has a 12meg throughput, which is brilliant considering I am on a 20meg line (which I do actually get).

Will have to save some pennies for a PIX or something similar.


Reading and the fun attached.

Posted on November 2nd, 2007 by Luke Sheldrick.
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2 11 2007

So I was at work this Thursday, a firewall had died in our centre in Reading. So I had to drive a replacement up there, a mean feat when you was looking forward to a quite night at work.

Well got there pretty painlessly, the TomTom took me to the wrong place as usual. Changed the firewall and started to head home.

On the M4, and the petrol light comes on, so thought I’d best get some petrol. The TomTom has a function to take you to POI (point of interest) so I told it to take me to the nearest Petrol Garage. Off the M4 it took me, and down some country lane, and bit further, then said we had arrived. Well there was no guarage to be seen, so I asked someone walking down the road if there was a guarage near… she said that it was about 5 miles away 🙁 at this point the car died :(.

Oh no I thought, so parked the car up, however whilst pushing it had a mind of it’s own, and catapulted back, smooching the drivers door too far open, and giving it a delightful dent. Great night huh.

The nice lady after a bit of um’ing and r’ing offered me a lift to the station, but said I would have to drive her car as she had drunk a couple of Gin and Tonic’s before heading out. After working out that it was a diesel with turbo lag, and that the breaks were super sensitive compared to mine, got to the Tesco and filled up.

Got back to my car, and said our goodbyes. I totally forgot my manors, and didn’t offer my details or anything for her trouble. Feeling slightly guilty now though.

So if the nice lady is reading, get in contact! 😛

Just to say, even after the sh*t events, my faith in nice people is restored 😛

Car Ouch


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