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Posted on January 1st, 2009 by Luke Sheldrick.
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1 01 2009

Wishing you a very Happy New year, hopefully you’ll have a great 2009 🙂

I was actually planning to do nothing this NYE, as every other had just been an expensive, messy night, that everyone regrets the next day. However my plans were changed at the last minutes, when I was invited to a gig in London. My arm was twisted when I found out Micachu were on the line up, a very small band*. Below the boys; Sandy, Steve (Birthday Boy too), Tom, Soo.


Was a great night had by all. Except Steve who had a bit of a nasty taxi bill, as he and Sandy missed their last train. The venue was called the Macbeth, in Hoxton near Shorditch, London. Was quite funny when they blew an Amp, and the band on at the time, went instrumental. I don’t think many people even noticed to be honest. I am a bit bumbed though, as I have just tried to upload my photos to flickr, and only a couple survived… looks like the memory card has corrupted, which blows as I had taken about 200 photos, mostly of the bands and scenery… GRRR!!! So I’ve got a load of photos, all of 2 or 3 lines 🙁


I’ve been trying to work out why my new years resolutions should be. A few things have been on my mind recently so what better time to implement them, huh;

  • Get back into the gym. Now this must be one of the most over used resolution, but needs to be mine.
  • Get back on track with my studying, I’ve slowed down a bit over the last couple of months.
  • Sort my spending out. Years are ticking by and I need to get on the property ladder myself, so no more spending £££ on gadgets, IT equipment, and many nights out. All in moderation still, but these can’t be the priority for 2009.

So all rather boring on that front, but at least that’s out the way. Just gotta’ stick to them now… hmm

Below a few pics from last night, or click here for the few surviving photos. There was a professional photographer there, his pics can be seen here

*not sure if you’d call it a Band. Micachu is the singer / writer, and she has a backup ‘The Shapes’


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