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Posted on September 7th, 2008 by Luke Sheldrick.
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7 09 2008

In addition to moving my dns, to my self hosted infrastructure, I am also moving quite a few things away from hosting on Windows.

I eventually want to get rid of my Exchange 2007 server, as to be honest it is so much of a resource hog, and for a small user implementation, it’s far too OTT. I need to find a suitable alternative to sync all my devices with however (Laptop(s), iPhone, various Windows Mobiles) I am sure there is something out there that will do the job.

As for this blog, it was hosted on a Windows 2003 Server, the same one as the Exchange server, where performance isn’t great. So now it’s hosted on one of my Linux (Fedora) servers. I am quite happy with the transition, other than a lot of the asp back ends, now have to be re-written in perl or something similar… effort.

I am not too sure if it’s performance has been improved… let me know 🙂


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