A walk down memory lane

Posted on December 28th, 2009 by Luke Sheldrick.
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28 12 2009

I’ve been at Mum’s over Christmas, and is always a bit weird coming back to the area.
I moved away to Southend-on-Sea (Essex) when I was 14, and lived in Essex until very recently.

I was meeting Mum from work today, to go on to visit my Brother for the afternoon. As I’m one of those people who are usually early, and I had a few hours to kill so thought I’d go for a wander.

There was always an area near to where I used to live, that was totally different to the surrounding area, and always somewhere I’d love to escape to. I always dreamt of living in one of the houses, and today was a bit of a shock, to realise, well actually I could if wanted to. At that point, I realised, I’m getting old. It’s like I always wished I’d work in IT, with a nice car…blah blah when I was older, and now I actually do it’s a bit like, well what do I do now? Well I know next time I have to move, which I hope isn’t anytime soon, that I’ll be looking in SE16.

Walk down memory lane

Anyways back to the houses, they’re all in a small bit of Bermandsey, by the Thames, and Greenland Docks, but they have the most picturesque surroundings. Most overlook their own water features or ponds (like the above), and I just find them amazing.

Cygnet (Swan)

Throughout my visit, I was followed by the Cygnet above… maybe he was trying to butter me up, so if I moved into the area, I’d keep him in stock of moulding Hovis.

As old as me?

Amazingly, the car above, I’m sure has been in that same parking space, since I left, when I was 13 (so a few years). Still has up to date TAX, but never looks as though it’s moved. Amazing.


A new view

Posted on October 23rd, 2009 by Luke Sheldrick.
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23 10 2009

So I’ve been really quite lax on updating here, for a number of reasons really or more excuses if I am honest.

There has been a lot of change since I last wrote an entry. I finally bit the bullet and moved back to Central London. I’d been living in Southend-on-Sea since I was 14, but for a number of years worked back in the city, and the commute was just too much in the end.

Purple Tower Bridge

So I am now living in E1, with my new flatmate Andrew, just up the road from where the above was taken. The best thing is, it’s only about a mile walk into the office, so I don’t have to depend on public transport or worry about traffic anymore, which is great. I was cycling for the first month or so, but it seems I had forgotten about crime in London, and someone kindly pinched my bike whilst it was chained up outside the flat, so won’t be cycling for a while.

Living in the city has been great so far, lots of places to go, people to see, and am quite enjoying it so far. Still feel like the new guy in town, as don’t hardly know anyone locally, but that’s just a time thing, so I’m not overly worried. However if you do read this, and are in the area, am free for coffee, beers and bar mitzvahs.

I foresee lots more changes over the next few months, especially at work, however can’t really go into much as there haven’t been many announcements as yet.

Have a heap of stuff I could rabble on about, but I’ll save it for another time. I do hope to keep the blog more regularly updated however I don’t seem to get the same urges anymore since twitter has kicked off. If you wanted a more frequent update, check out www.twitter.com/an0key

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A few snaps

Posted on March 2nd, 2009 by Luke Sheldrick.
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2 03 2009

So it’s been a while since I’ve blogged. Has been quite high on my to do list, but been a tad busy lately.

Have been playing with my D60 quite a lot recently, whilst it’s one of the more beginner dSLRs on the market, it still is a lot of fun. Trying to work out what settings will be the best for each shot, and not cheat with the auto mode.

Bought a new lense, a 55-200mm the other day, which is pretty cool for all those zoomed shots. Would really like a 10-22mm or a fisheye lens, but they’re quite a bit out of my hobby budget at the moment. Also bought a Jessops speedlight. I did want to get a SB-600, but again slightly pricy. I went for the 360AFD, which seems to have a bucket load of features to get me started. I especially like the automatic slave mode.

Went for a midnight drive around the embankment in London last night, a few snaps are below. Was playing with longer shutter speeds, until my tripod fell apart. Am going to read up on HDR processing later, as have seen some amazing photos.

Midnight Snaps

Midnight Snaps

Midnight Snaps

Still a very much work in progress, still lots of fun. More can be seen on my flickr page, or my blog gallery (links from flickr)


Still up

Posted on June 3rd, 2008 by Luke Sheldrick.
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3 06 2008

Still up, and it’s got light too, woops, although not unusual for me to stay up all night. I wonder what catastrophic side effects this will have in later life? maybe I’ll just become a bum.

I just did a quick look on google, to see what “Luke Sheldrick” actually brings up, and it is scary. I never realised how much of a web presence I actually have. Looking through a lot of it is actually me as well. Very scary. A lot of stuff is from old forums, and to read back on it, is making me cringe. Good job some sites aren’t searchable by the google bot 😉

Also sitting here, in two minds. I stayed at mum’s last week, and went for a walk around the lock.

I grew up around the SE8/SE13 area of London, and some parts of it I still really adore. I always wanted to live over looking this paticular lock, and the Thames. I could move back there, and afford it too now, but it’s just such an outlay for a view, and to be closer to work.

I also really hate being in London these days, living out of London is so different… what to do aye? maybe I’ll just get a poster of my view.


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