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Posted on October 14th, 2007 by Luke Sheldrick.
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14 10 2007

Well, thought I’d start up a blog of my very own… but am now compelled as to what to put on it?

So thought I’d dedicate to my wee Nan, who turned 94 this October… Bless her. Not so good with the walking these days, but still manages to get about (with a little help).

My Mum (Carol), Brother (Paul), Brothers Girlfriend (Sally), Aunt (Jean), and Aunt’s fella (Ian), and I, took Nan out for a meal Saturday before last. Bit of a change from the food in the residential home we thought… and still Nan has the ability to crack me up. We got all the way through the meal, without a hitch, then it’s time for desert. Nan was adamount she wanted Apple with Ice-cream. Which the restaurant didn’t do, but the lovely waitress said she could wipp up a fruit cocktail, with muchous apple, and some ice-cream.

Half way though eating our deserts we noticed Nan was spitting the apples back out at her plate (she can barely see so wasn’t sure what she was eating with each scoop). When we asked what she was up to, she told us how she didn’t want any applies.. haha had to laugh.

Just hope I get that old, so can wind up the grandkids 😛

Nan and Aunt below:

Nan and Aunty


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