Netgear SC101

Posted on May 11th, 2008 by Luke Sheldrick.
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11 05 2008

Finally, some clever geek type person has writen a set of tools to be able to mount these horrid things under *nix.

I bought mine a couple of years back, bud didn’t realise you had to use a horrid sluggish windows app to be able to mount the thing.

Netgear use a tool called “Z-SAN” under windows.

However you can now mount the drives under *nix, there are a few draw backs however, you first have to partition te drives under windows, not a huge problem, as my desktop is a dual boot.

Secondly you can’t use passwords on the device. Again not a huge problem, I just stuck it on it’s own vlan, and restricted access to it, so only my linux NAS server could see it.

Then on my NAS server (FC9 + NFS + SMB) I used the utils the toolset provides, mounted the two drives, formatted, and mounted. Bob is your mothers brother it all works.

I just share the drives out now using my existing NAS (NFS + SMB) and supprisingly works really well.

Time will see how stable they are.

If you want to do this too, the code can be found at google code:



Posted on January 30th, 2008 by Luke Sheldrick.
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30 01 2008

Oh yes, I forgot to mention, my stupid firewall at home died again, leaving my primary MX, Site (including blog), and numerous applications offline.

It keeps losing it’s default gateway. It usually reboots it’s self, but occasionally doesn’t. The remote hands (i.e. housemate) doesn’t wake up til 15:00ish, so had to leave it off.

Should all be solved as soon as I get my colo sorted 😀

As for the firewall, never get a Netgear FVS124G. It’s completely rubbish. This fault, and more annoyingly it’s bottleneck. It only has a 12meg throughput, which is brilliant considering I am on a 20meg line (which I do actually get).

Will have to save some pennies for a PIX or something similar.


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