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Posted on November 27th, 2007 by Luke Sheldrick.
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27 11 2007

This evening, I had just sat down to watch some tv before work, and a program had already half started (Boy A). Looked really interesting, so was gutted I had missed it, and more so that I hadn’t stuck it in the planner.

Thought I would torrent / stream it at another time. Remembered seeing an advert for 4od (Channel 4 On Demand),  so thought I would take a little look.

Not been a fan of OD services, since the launch of BBC i-Player, as I use both Vista, and Mac OS X, both not supported. However was delighted that 4OD was Vista Supported (Still not Mac, but progress). Quick install, and brilliance.

Loads of TV that I wanted to watch, and had missed out on. The film, by the time I had drove to work, was ready to either stream, or download. Can’t fault that.

Check it out: 4od 


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