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Posted on March 27th, 2011 by Luke Sheldrick.
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27 03 2011

So I’ve been pretty busy for the last month or so, and was actually looking forward to doing nothing at all. However a friend had mentioned the ‘National Hack the Government Day’ hosted by Rewired State, so I thought why the hell not.


Basically, they get a bunch of dev types, a bunch of data, and let them do what they want with it. I was entrigued, and said I’d pop along, take some photos and do a bit of networking. However when I got there, I thought I may as well try and hack something up, I could simply not put it forward for presentation if I majorly failed.

I’m by far a coder by trade, but can usually get from A to B, sometimes via X, Y and Z. I wont go into the detail about what I hacked up, you can see my presentation here.

There were some really awesome projects hacked up, especially considering the limited time everyone had. The presentations were all very good. Lots were still coding right up until they were on stage.

After the presentations, and awards given out it was off to the pub to celebrate Rewired State’s second birthday. There was even an amazing Gin and Tonic cake. Was a really good day, and met quite a lot of people I know online, from different parts of the industry.

Below are some of the photos I took, there are loads more here.

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