Posted on June 9th, 2013 by Luke Sheldrick.
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9 06 2013

Since moving last year, now I have a dedicated home office, I banned myself from having a PC in the bedroom, and try not to take a laptop in there either. Lots of devices these days want internet access (TV, AppleTV, BD Player..etc) so I have a small 8 port switch hidden in the book case, with a point to point wifi connection back to the office, this works rather well. I also have 6 airplay destinations in the apartment, so can stream music to every room, however annoyingly iPad/iPhones can only stream to one destination. I use Airfoil on either my Mac or MacBook, to usually stream spotify or the radio to multiple rooms.

However, as I don’t have a PC in the bedroom, I have to kick this off from the office. I’d recently been testing thin clients out, and have a spare monitor, so decided to set one up in the bedroom, so I can stream music, check train times…etc stuff I want to quickly check in the mornings, that kind of thing. I have no need for a full blown PC, nor do I want the noise/power in the bedroom. One of the most flexible ‘clients’ I’d tested was a Raspberry Pi. Whilst it is a ‘full PC’, it’s silent, very lower power use, and for things like RDP/SSH is perfect. Another thing, is it’s very cheap, even compared to actual thin clients. I have the streaming software, and a load of other day things running on a VM in the office, so RDPing back to this is a doddle.

I have it hidden away with the switch in the bedroom, and purposely put it somewhere I can’t sit and use it. I only want to be able to control bits in the apartment, and use it as a terminal. ¬†I set it up, using raspbian, and a few scripts to make make opening up RDP sessions seamless. I have to say, I am very impressed with it. Although it’s quite a underpowered ‘PC’, for simple tasks such as this, I’m very very impressed. It’s also quite handy having a full linux environment, though compiling anything from source is a foolish decision.

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