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Posted on January 9th, 2009 by Luke Sheldrick.
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9 01 2009

Tuesday, 6th Jan, saw me breaking my third new years resolution, to watch what I spend my money on. For a while I’ve been thinking about getting into the world of DSLR’s, so after much thinking about it, I ventured to the sales, and got myself a Nikon D60.

I’d read lots of reviews, and actually thought about buying it, rather than on a whim, which is usually the route I would take. Managed to get a reasonably good deal, and so far been having quiet a lot of fun reading up on the world photography. I went for the D60, as it has many of the features seen on the more expensive DSLR, but aimed at the entry level photographer, me.

I’ve taken a few pics, and will eventually upload to flickr, just take even longer now, as they’re much high res, and my home upload speed is terrible at best. Also need to master some photo editing wares, not sure what one I prefer yet.

I was however interested to see, how my new shiny camera would compare to my compact. Whilst I was out strolling around the other day, I took the same picture of the coast, with the two cameras.

Nikon D60:
Nikon D60

Olympus FE330:
Olympus FE330

The thumbnails can be quite deciving, but the bigger photo’s on flickr reveal all. Both pictures were taken at the same point, faceing roughly the same point, and using the fully auto function on both.

I also had my iPhone and TyTN on me, so thought I’d take a photo with those too.

Apple iPhone:
iPhone (First Gen)

HTC Hermes (TyTN / Vario II)

Surprisingly here, the iPhone, with it’s lower Mega Pixel lens, actually took a better photo. The colours on the TyTN were terrible. Out of all four, the D60 showed the closest match, the other three, make the day look quite dark, where it was actually quite a light day.

I need to see if I can get my iPhone to properly GPS log, have been using instamapper, but can’t seem to get HoulahGeo to geotag the photos using the files, but once that’s all working, will be able to geotag the photos too, which will be rather useful 🙂 Then a few more lens, filters… oh dear this could all be expensive, very expensive.

No doubt I’ll snap some more in the coming future. Below are a few of snaps from the “Playing with my D60” album, from when I’d just got the camera out the box:


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