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Posted on June 3rd, 2008 by Luke Sheldrick.
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3 06 2008

Still up, and it’s got light too, woops, although not unusual for me to stay up all night. I wonder what catastrophic side effects this will have in later life? maybe I’ll just become a bum.

I just did a quick look on google, to see what “Luke Sheldrick” actually brings up, and it is scary. I never realised how much of a web presence I actually have. Looking through a lot of it is actually me as well. Very scary. A lot of stuff is from old forums, and to read back on it, is making me cringe. Good job some sites aren’t searchable by the google bot 😉

Also sitting here, in two minds. I stayed at mum’s last week, and went for a walk around the lock.

I grew up around the SE8/SE13 area of London, and some parts of it I still really adore. I always wanted to live over looking this paticular lock, and the Thames. I could move back there, and afford it too now, but it’s just such an outlay for a view, and to be closer to work.

I also really hate being in London these days, living out of London is so different… what to do aye? maybe I’ll just get a poster of my view.


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