Windows Update – Hang on Reboot?

Posted on January 14th, 2009 by Luke Sheldrick.
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14 01 2009

Do your server(s) hang when they reboot after windows updates are applied? A lot of mine seem to, and usually it’s becuase one process gets stuck when it receives the kill signal… usually the windows update process.. If the server is in a remote location, can be a complete arse. There is a quick and dirty way to get around this.

Rather than rebooting as normal, or pressing the reboot now button on windows update, open up a command prompt (Windows > Start > Run > type cmd) and type the following:

shutdown -r -f -t 1

As shown below;

cmd reboot

The syntax is as follows;
shutdown == runs the shutdown process / app
-r == reboot
-f == force apps to close (so the process that gets stuck, gets forced to close)
-t 1 == time to delay before rebooting, in seconds. I choose 1, as I don’t want to wait around, pick whatever suits you.

Happy patching.

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Finch, Putty, AGGHHH

Posted on September 25th, 2008 by Luke Sheldrick.
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25 09 2008

Just a very quick one. 99% of the time, I use a linux desktop or laptop (usually fedora) both at work and at home. I use Finch to house all my IM accounts, as I can’t be bothered to set it up on every machine, so I just leave it on one of my servers, in a screen session.

Anyways, I’ve found when I use Putty, it never renders it correctly. Now for the 1% of the time I use Windows & Putty, it can sometimes be most annoying trying to work out what people are talking about in a screen of random characters.

Anyways a very simple fix is to change the encoding. To do this:

In putty open the options, or the new session window, then select Windows > Translation, and change the chatacter set to UTF-8.



Fell of the waggen

Posted on September 16th, 2008 by Luke Sheldrick.
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16 09 2008

Well not really, but the whole giving up drinking and shaving until November fell through. Nevermind, the hangover’s were worth it.. not 🙂

You know, I always have a load of shit, I think I should blog about, but when I get 5 to actually sit down and type something up, I’ve either forgot about it, or well think it does indeed sound shit so forget about it.

Friday saw a few drinks after work, which led to 2 bars, 2 clubs and ending up losing a wad in the casino…. this is when you realise that first shot was a bad, very bad idea. Nevermind, had a good night [what I can remember of it anyways].

Spent the weekend working, and starting to play with Gentoo. I’m sure I’ll rant more about that all later. Today found an absolutely brilliant tool, that I had kinda been looking for a while. I run a couple of servers, that run Windows 2003, and VMWare Server 1.0.7, mostly just as R&D machines. I could look into setting up a nice ESX cluster, but I just haven’t got around to it. Also on the list to look play with is Xen and KVM. KVM especially looks quite interesting, just been bought out by RedHat, and boasts that it can run more on your hardware than VMWare can.

Anyways I digress, what I currently do is pretty bad in way of backing up my VM Guests, in that I will every now and again, turn one off, copy it’s directory on the host, switch it back on, and move that copy offsite. Whilst it works, and is better than nothing, it’s not really ideal as it causes an outage when I do it. I know with Windows Shadow Copy it can copy/mirror drives [including any locked files] but what I wanted to be able to do was the odd locked file, i.e. the vmdk that’s locked. Bring in hobocopy. Does exactly what I was looking for, you can tell it a source and destination file or directory, and it will use the Microsoft Shadow service, and mirror it for you, complete, and intact. Perfect! it even has the functionality to do incrimental backups using a state file. Wouldn’t work for VMWare files, as it would just see the file as being changed, even though only 1meg of the 100GB file has changed, it would still copy the whole flat file. Baring that, an excellent tool. Now just to setup a schdule to make a mirror, and rsync it offsite, and a nice enterprise offsite backup, for nothing 🙂

Tonight I went out with a few friends, to The Royal Albert Hall, to see cocknbullkid when my friend told me about it, I kinda didn’t believe it, but yes it was true. Very good artist, even if the sound levels were a bit off, and the set seemed a bit short, really enjoyed it. Then off to soho for a coffee. Was a bit weird walking around soho sober, looks totally different to when you’ve had 10 double black russians 🙂 Just for proof, picture below of the comp’ed ticket I / we managed to blag at the door 🙂


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